Thursday, March 25, 2010

Post 3: "Real" Food vs. "Fake" Food

Today I will be examining the differences between “real” food and “fake” food. Today nearly all of the food we eat is “fake” or processed instead of “real” or organic. To demonstrate the differences I will compare one type of food commonly eaten in America: the hamburger.
When I was growing up in northern Wisconsin my family would gets it ground beef for hamburgers from the local meat shop. This shop would get its beef from local cows which were raised naturally, so the meat we received was “real”. Today, however, I rarely have organic hamburgers, and instead get the processed version from McDonald's or Burger King.
To be completely honest, I think the processed hamburgers taste and smell better, but there are other notable differences. The “fake” version definitely looks worse when compared to its “real” version. Unlike many processed food companies now, however, these fast food restaurants don't try to make you buy their product of organic products because it is fortified with vitamins and nutrients. The nutrition facts between the two types of meat seem to be the same, but the cholesterol seems to be a little lower in the processed version.
I switched to this fake version of hamburgers a few years ago when I first started to drive. This is because it was cheap and easy to get. I didn't mind the health differences and I thought the fast food version tasted very good. I think that I will probably end up returning to the normal version in the future. When I have my own house and a job I will be able to afford to buy the healthier version, and a place to prepare it.
The article “Are You Filling Up On Real Food or Fake Food?” discusses what “fake” food really is and its possible health implications. I completely agree with this article's argument against processed food and why organic food should be consumed instead.

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