Thursday, March 25, 2010

Peer Response March 26

Darius's blog, which covered the prepare a meal topic, involves the processes of making traditional fried chicken. He then goes on to describe how to prepare the chicken by adding seasonings, rinsing it off, and coating it in the flour-batter. Then the chicken is placed into hot oil where is is left to cook for about twenty minutes. Finally add some mashed potatoes and the meal is finished. The final part of the process involves the clean up. The final part of his post covers the reading for In Defense of Food which he says that he agrees Americans eat too much processed food because we enjoy eating too much and our lives are fasted paced so we like fast food, and his article he linked to also agrees with his and Pollan's thoughts about this topic.
To respond to his post, I completely agree that Americans eat too much unhealthy food due to lack of time and that we like to eat too much. I also agree with his comment about people needing too cook or eat meals that have been made with healthy, natural ingredients to reach a healthier lifestyle. I do think, however, that he should have expanded upon his arguments and provided a little more information as to why he believes what he stated.

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