Monday, April 19, 2010

Peer Response April 19

In Pat Brady's blog post that I will be responding to, he also did the analysis of a celebrity endorsement. He discussed the puppet ad by Kobe in which he advertises a new pair of basketball shoes. Pat stated that he felt Kobe was a good celebrity to endorse basketball shoes because he is a basketball player and must wear them, and I completely agree with his view on this. He then moved on to talk about how some feel the celebrities are paid too much just for their name on a product, but Pat didn't seem to think this was true. The two links on his blog post were of the actual commercial the post is discussing, and another link which was supposed be on endorsements, but the link was broken.
I agree with his comment that Kobe and LeBron are good celebrities to have endorse a basketball shoe because they are basketball players, and I found his argument for this to be very clear and convincing. I do, however, disagree with his point that, because he would like to get the money for doing basically nothing, that celebrities aren't overpaid for their endorsements.

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