Monday, April 19, 2010

Analysis of a Celebrity Endorsement

For this blog post I will be focusing on the analysis of a celebrity endorsement, more specifically the Charles Barkley endorsement for Taco Bell. In the two commercials that Barkley does for Taco Bell, the second one is shown below, he is advertising the Five Buck Box. He does a rap about this product which consists of a gordita crunch, crunchy taco, burrito supreme, cinnamon twists, and a drink for $5.

I don't think that Charles Barkley, a former basketball player, is an appropriate choice for this commercial as he doesn't have any expertise for this topic, and he can't rap. Apparently the commercial was successful for Barkley, because he was paid for doing the commercial, but I am unsure how successful it was for Taco Bell. This campaign started before the super bowl and has ended now, and I think it was successful because it was pretty bizarre, and I still remember it now, as it is the topic of this blog post.
This article contains the commercial and a short summary and opinion on the this commercial. The article seemed to agree with my opinion that, because of this commercial's strange nature, it will be a successful ad.

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